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Welcome to MIJOURNAL

MIJOURNAL PUBLICATION aims to provide high-level quality service in publishing research articles. We aim our journals to maintain the highest international standards of quality. MIJOURNAL PUBLICATION is steered by a distinguished Board of Directors and is supported by an international review board consisting of prominent individuals representing many well-known universities, colleges, and corporations all over the world.

Multidisciplinary International Journal (MIJOURNAL) is a scholarly open access, international, peer reviewed electronic and print journal in English with a primary objective to provide the academic community and industry for the submission of original research and applications related to engineering, science and technology. MIJOURNAL brings out a portfolio of publications to make the much-needed knowledge available to its readers. By making them a staple diet, readers can build competitive edge in their fields of specialization. MIJOURNAL is a publication model that enables the wide dissemination of research articles to the global community without restriction. Thus, all articled published under open access can be accessed by anyone with internet connection..

About Us

MIJOURNAL is an international forum for scientists and engineers to publish high quality research papers. The papers for publication are shortlisted through stringent peer reviews to ensure originality, timeliness, relevance, and readability. While it emphasizes publication of previously unpublished materials, selected conference papers with exceptional merit that require wider exposure are, at the discretion of the editors, also published provided they meet the journal's peer review standard. That is where MIJOURNAL comes into picture, with a ray of hope to integrate engineering and scientific minds to face erratic engineering challenges through breakthrough research in future. We will continue to keep our growing force in the scientific publishing and develop the high quality knowledge-based products and service for the scientific, academic and research communities worldwide. 
All the best for the upcoming endeavours!!!

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